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By the Grace of God I write

to the limits of my understanding

i am just a spec of dust in all that is  and  what i know is but a grain of sand

in humble service of

 His Spirit And Truth

all credits go to









who am i

i am a Child of GOD
i am the property of GOD
HE owns me
HE paid the price for me
HE has me in His possession
i am HIS creation
HE has placed HIS mark on me
HE will never forsake me
HE will keep me forever
i am HIS faithful servant
HE has placed HIS SPIRIT in me
HE feeds me with HIS TRUTH
HE clothes me with HIS RIGHTEOUSNESS
i can not deny HIM
HE guides me with HIS WORD
HE nourishes me and gives me strength
HE protects me from evil
i am his child
HE loves me with HIS perfect LOVE
HE teaches me HIS ways
HE corrects me when i am wrong
i am HIS
Who am i
i am a Child of GOD and so are you







A long time ago, in a land far away. 
A child named JESUS, did come this way.
To save this world, from all of its sin. 
HE seeks to find, our souls to win.
From our FATHER in HEAVEN, WHO lives up above. 
HE came to show us, all of HIS love.
Born in a stable, and owning not a thing. 
This child called JESUS, would soon be called KING.
HE heals the sick, and cares for the poor. 
HE'S watching over us, this we are sure.
HIS life ended, in poverty and pain.
But now HE LIVES, in GLORY and FAME.
So now I ask, that we all pray.
That in our hearts, JESUS will stay.






We are saved by faith in a God who treats us better than we deserve
Faith enables the power of the Holy Spirit
Faith believes without seeing
We are saved by faith in Jesus
Faith is the shield we are to carry
Faith moves mountains
All the prophets operated in faith
Faith is given not generated
Faith in things hoped for but not yet received
Everyone who puts his or her faith in God has eternal life
Faith is the certainty of Gods promises
Faith touches Gods willingness
The righteous live by faith
Faith is greater than physical strength
Faith makes things happen
The faith of others is required for healing
Faith is the ultimate intelligence
Faith overcomes all
Everyone is given a measure of faith
Faith needs to be exercised
The more you use your faith it the stronger it gets
The stronger your faith gets the more you can use it
Without faith no one can please God







O' the Pain

O the Pain, unbearable pain, empty, lonely, abandoning pain.
O Lord hear me cry out in agony, O the pain the pain!
Anticipating, waiting; wanting an end to this pain.
Pinch me; wake me up from this night.

O the Pain, how much more can I endure? When will it end?
O Lord hear me cry out in despair, O the pain the pain.
I saw the horse coming yet I did not yield; now I am crushed.
I am to blame for this pain, O the pain the pain.

O the pain, seconds are minutes; minutes, hours.
O Lord hear me cry out in anguish, O the pain the pain!
Stay my hand Lord, How quickly I could end this pain.
Free me from this dilemma and renew my strength.

O the pain, throbbing pain, numbing pain, torturous pain.
O Lord hear me cry out in confusion, O the pain the pain.
Voices all around, but I can’t tell where they come from.
Let me hear Your voice as the loudest and the clearest. 

O the pain, is not the end yet near, please let it be 
O Lord hear me cry out in hopelessness, O the pain the pain.
Take me away from this place that pain has made desolate.
Sedate me with Your Love and Anoint my wounds with Oil.

O the pain, draining me, suffocating me, bleeding me.
O Lord here me cry out in exhaustion, O the pain the pain.
I am tired and near collapse, fatigue is closing my eyes.
Bring the freshness of your morning that I may see your Son.

O the pain, overwhelming pain, demanding pain, tedious pain.
O Lord hear me cry out in misery, O the pain the pain.
I have no more vigour, my will is dwindling, I am fading away.
Nourish me, shelter me, and nurse me back to health.

O the pain, heartless, nagging, relentless pain.
O Lord hear me cry out of despondency, O the pain the pain.
A mass of broken bones and bloody flesh, covered in filthy rags.
Let not my light fade to black, everything is going dark, be my Torch.








WELCOME to the next LEVEL

There are many categories on which we are to try to achieve the highest LEVEL

No matter where you are in your walk with Christ there is always a higher LEVEL


   of: LOVE - for others

   of: DEATH - in the flesh

   of: LIVING - in the Spirit

   of: SACRIFICE - of self

   of: CONVICTION - of sin

   of: OBEDIENCE - to His Spirit

   of: KNOWLEDGE - in His ways

   of: UNDERSTANDING - His Word

   of: WORSHIP - with honour and praise

   of: INTIMACY - with our Father in Heaven

All these are achieved by the Grace of God, by studying His word, with an eagerness to learn, and the   ability to listen. Through your desire and willingness, to forge ahead and fight the good fight, never becoming content and complacent at where you are, and wanting to draw closer to your Father in  Heaven.   No matter what the cost. 

This is how we grow in Christ.





  God is no respecter of persons; He LOVES all His Children the same, no matter what you have done, or what you do, whether it be good or not so good, He still Loves you with His Perfect Love.

  In Gods Army There are Generals and there are Privates, and all the ranks in-between. In Gods eyes no one is any lesser or greater than the other. The only difference is in their responsibilities and duties that they have in Gods service. We must keep in mind that in any war machine it is the Privates that keep the machine working. No battle has ever been fought and won by Generals, yes they do draw up the battle plans, and delegate responsibility, but it is the Privates who are in the middle of the mess, it is by their sweat and blood that wars are won. They are the ones who are engaging the enemy in hand-to-hand combat.

  All of the Generals in God's army have earned their rank. They too were Privates once, and have been commissioned, by their Commander in Chief, as they have been tested and tried. Their loyalty and obedience is beyond question and reproach. And they are found to be approved.

  We all start out as Privates, let our goal be, to do our job well, with all our strength, to the best of our ability, whatever God calls us to do, so that some day we may hear Him say, 

“Well Done Good and Faithful Servant!” 









This is my testimony

I am thankful for all that my Lord has done for me through out my life. Life has not been easy, but the “Rock” that He has stood me on is “Sure and True”. He has never forsaken me. I believe that it is also my responsibility to share the Good News that I have with others, to minister to them, the Truth, to help them find hope and faith, which so they too will come to know TRUTH: ---- “Our Lord - Christ - Our Saviour” 

I know that I must plant the seeds of Truth as revealed to me in Scripture.

It is The ‘Blood of The Word’ that Saves Souls.

Being, again born, “In Him”, I am not sinless, but rather, because of my faith and with the help of His Holy Spirit, I sin less. Being taken to that place of “Perfection in Him”.

I believe that we are in the latter days, the end times, as found in Scripture and that the harvest season will soon be upon us. That our Lord will return with the Heavenly Host and all that belong to Him; to do battle against the dragon, the enemy, the deceiver of man and the enemy of THE ETERNAL ONE

That I must be prepared and ready to do battle with Him when called; and that I must have on the Armour that He has prepared for me.

The whole world is being deceived; and by the enemy, through his deceit, all are being plunged into darkness, confusion, bondage and perdition.

We who have been given the Light, must shine our Light into the darkness, so that others may see their way out. Without thought of our own profit or persecution, but knowing that we serve a Just and Righteous Word. That we will be judged and rewarded as is fit.

The words I want to hear when I stand before the Eternal Truth


i am just a spec of dust in all that is and what i know is but a grain of sand

One night I had a dream

One night I had a dream. In this dream I saw an angel of light. He was radiant and bright, very inviting and friendly. I drew in and upon closer inspection, his grotesque, blasphemous, hideous, deceptive nature was revealed. At this time I was in fear greater than I have ever known, for I had seen the demons of deceptions and the enemies of Truth.

Waking to attack of the heart; and in great perplexity, I cried out to my Redeemer and I was comforted. Even from this moment I was given great insight and wisdom.

I can only be deceived, if I allow myself to be deceived. For deception had been revealed.



The Spirit of God speaks, the spirit cannot deny
But the flesh will rebel, it is destined to hell

a prophet never profits, for being a prophet
a prophet corrects, for salvation’s sake
even though persecution

The Heart that Truly Seeks to be Pure. Finds The Eternal Peace

If you allow demons to entertain you – You will become the demons entertainment
If you dance with the devil – The devil will lead

i am just a spec of dust in all that is and what i know is but a grain of sand

No man can claim ownership over the Truth 
The Truth Claims Ownership Over Men

The ignorant can be taught – The arrogant can not.

Similarity with these writings and any other writings is providence for there is but only
One Eternal Truth - One Eternal Word which are One and this is Eternally Evident



all credits go to
By the Grace of God I write
'to the limits of my understanding'
in humble service of
His Spirit And Truth



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